Light Tracer Render 1.9.0

Light Tracer Render
3 min readMay 7, 2021

Light Tracer Render 1.9.0 available now for both Windows and Mac ( Light Tracer is probably the most intuitive GPU-accelerated physically-based GPU renderer. With its interactive workflow and effortless rendering tools, you may quickly create amazing-looking images and videos of your 3D models. Let’s go through major features of this release!

Disney material model

We decided to support Disney material model to be compatible with other 3D rendering tools such as Blender (Cycles and Eevee) and LuxCore. This way it is easier for user to transfer experience from one software to another. Also Disney model brings additional effects such as Sheen, Anisotropy and simple Subsurface. We can’t wait to see what will you create with new tools!

Teapot model with anisotropic material (model by andrey_r32167)
Cloth with Sheen effect (model by David Young)

Rough glass material with better dispersion

Light Tracer Render is now supporting rough glass material meaning that it can render materials like ice, frosted glass and transparent rough plastic. Additionally, we have improved the dispersion effect and made the setup of spectral characteristics more user-friendly. Dispersion means that the refractive index is calculated as a function of the wavelength. Light Tracer Render uses a two-term Cauchy equation to model dispersion. Set a value greater than zero to increase the realism by adding color effects for highly refractive objects like gems.

Glass Jar with roughness map (model by SebastianSosnowski)
Jewelry render with dispersion

New material library

We have extended built-in material library in Light Tracer Render and now it consists of more than 100 materials of various surfaces such as cloth, plastics, ceramics, leather, metals and even car paints. Now you can setup materials for your scenes with ease!

New Light Tracer Render material library

Improved shadow catcher

New shadow catcher made for Disney material model is able to to receive reflections as well as shadows and has controllable roughness.

New reflecting shadow catcher with low roughness on left and with high roughness on right (model by jvitorsouzadesign)

Other updates

New version brings reworked UI with a more compact layout, texture UV transform pivot and lots of bug fixes. Right now we are working on even greater features, so please stay tuned!

As always we welcome your feedback! Let us know about your experience and help us improve by sharing in our Discord community.



Light Tracer Render

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